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Highly skilled Website developers in Kenya . Our products features some of the Kenya's leading digital solutions in the market place 

from Custom solutions and e-commerce platforms optimized for large trading turnovers.

Research has shown that 43%of Websites are built on CMS WordPress.

To stand out with professionally-designed themes that will communicate your brand effectively

No matter your site or your style, there’s a beautiful, WordPress pro layout waiting for you. As to whether a  page builder or a block editor will be employed in the design of your WordPress website is solely dependent on different critical factors.

A page builder allows you to customize both the picture frame and the painting. While a block editor just allows you to change the painting, but keeps the frame (the WordPress theme itself) the same.

One of the most important factor to consider when designing a website for your company is the loading speed of your website. when it comes to web page speed, every millisecond matters.

Slower sites get less traffic, perform worse in Google search results, and have a higher bounce rate. This is especially true if your site has many different images and pages, which can add up to a serious amount of time lost.

For speedy websites, it will be of big advantage to do your design using Gutenberg Block editor.  Gutenberg is faster than Elementor, and many tests have been done to confirm this. This is likely because Gutenberg is simpler, more efficient, and has less extra features that add more file size to your site.

However, if you need a more complex site that requires fine-tuning the page layout and functionality, you may want to look into Elementor Page Builder.

Elementor is an excellent choice for websites where you need to make complex pages that are different from each other. Or, if you’re making a site that is not the standard blog/news site/standard page site.

While Gutenberg doesn’t have as many styling options as Elementor, it has more than enough for all but the most advanced users. In fact Gutenberg will soon be the only way that you can create a modern site in WordPress without using page builders.  Which one should you go for then? Gutenberg or Elementor! The choice depends of various factors but as with most things in life, it depends on your situation.


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